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Whimsical Fine Art Portraits

The question is not what you look at, but what you see."

Henry David Thoreau (from Thoreau’s journal of August 5, 1851)

Living in beautiful Pinehurst, there are a lot of places that I love to take my own children to play, ride bikes and to go for hikes.

The featured location in the following images is a place that I have known for a long time. In the summer, we go there just about every week and my boys play in the little hidden creek. For over two years now, I have had a picture perfect vision of photographing my children there. Between raising my children and working, I don't often get around to photographing my own little boys. But with the standstill that the Coronavirus Pandemic forced on all of our lives, I am finally finding the time to capture sone really special portraits of my boys. Childhood is so magical, so short and I am finding myself wanting to capture that magic more and more and keep it forever. My job as your photographer is to create more than just photos for you…it’s to create art. To take this special time of your children's life and document it in a beautiful and different way that you can display as finished pieces of art in your home.

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