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  •  I am bilingual, but when I went to school as a child, I was actually taught a total of four languages ( German, English, French and Latin). Back then, I was better in French than I was in English, but that changed after I met my American husband. These days, I don't remember much about French or Latin, but it's still enough to read a menu and order food (well, in French at least. Not much use to order food in Latin) and I can still introduce myself, but that is the extend of it

  •   I have three siblings

  •  When I moved to the USA, I brought my two dogs and my cat with me on the plane

  •  My guilty pleasure is watching Grey's Anatomy. I haven't missed a single episode since it started airing in 2005

  •  I got my degree as a speech therapist in 2002 and used to work with children as well as in a geriatric rehab, where I was specializing in stroke and cancer patients. I haven't practiced in my profession since moving to the States in 2009

  •  I love coffee. But I have to have whole milk in my coffee. I cannot drink it with anything but whole milk

  • I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years

  • I have a large vegetable garden in my backyard and love to watch food grow from seed



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


428 Carthage Street

Cameron, NC 28326

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