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Product Photography for Correct Connect

I love horses and have always loved horses. I grew up riding in Germany and some of my fondest memories are from my yearly house camps that I used to go to- from riding school horses to bringing my own horse to horse camp. When I moved to Pinehurst, NC in 2009, I had actually been taking a break from riding for a few years but a friend of mine got me back into it and after a little while, I actually ended up owning another horse. Fast forward another 13 years and two kids, I don't have my horse anymore but I am riding again at a farm in Southern Pines with an amazing instructor and am also riding for fun at my former instructor's barn in Sanford. Horses have alway s brought me so much happiness and I now make sure to make some time during the week to at least get into the saddle a couple times a week. A few years ago, Mary from reached out to me about my product photography services. The company initially started out with a variety of reins as training aids that support the rider in growing their skill and since then, Correct Connect™ has continued to innovate and develop new products.

tTheir motto is :Improve your riding, improve your horse. Correct Connect offers a wide array of products to educate riders about correct connection and riding position with the welfare and comfort of the horse and rider as the priority.   I have been one of their studio and on- location product photographers since 2020 and have photographed a variety of their products, from training aids to apparel (shirts, tops, visors, breeches, reins, girths, halters, saddles and so much more). We have done sessions at a variety of barns in Southern Pines and at my studio in Cameron, we've photographed and done videos of both models and riders. For their e- commerce apparel shoots, the last 3 sessions have been done at my studio, where we have done a mix of images on off white backdrops, pure white backgrounds and videos on off white. Its been so may images that it is just about impossible for me to load them all into this one blog post, but I still wanted to share a few with you here. I myself own a variety of the the training aids (the most comfy and practical you'll ever find) and more outfits that I can count- I always joke with my husband that while I am not the best rider, at least I look the part and am always well dressed when I ride. The model for this particular shoot is Monisa, I absolutely love working with her. She is a photographer herself and specializes in weddings and couples. To check our her work, see here: She recently also signed with a modeling agency and if you are looking for talent for stills and/ or video, I highly recommend reaching out to to inquire about her! Here is the link to her agency portfolio

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