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The importance of personal branding and headshot photography

Most of us retain and process information best through visual communication. Your personal brand tells a visual story of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. A lifestyle headshot or custom studio photo session is the perfect platform to successfully position yourself and show off your profession and/or trade to your audience.

More than Just a Headshot

Personal branding and self-positioning is so important and headshot photography brings a lot of value to the cause. There are so many ways that you can leverage your images depending on your intention and goal. You don’t have to be a business owner, realtor, or law firm to get your headshot taken – everyone can benefit from personal branding and visually communicating what you do.

Rachelle came to me with a particular vision in mind. We were able to take her vision and create the perfect environment to showcase her style, personality, and career field in a visual way. She wanted a bright, naturally lit, minimalist space with a personal touch that encompassed her day-to-day work as a writer and communications professional. She provided thought starters for me through a vision board, which helped in the creative process and set realistic expectations for both of us on what it was she was trying to achieve.

She intends to use her photos to enhance her personal brand through thoughtful visual communication and storytelling methods on her social media platforms and blog website, so I’ll package her images for the web, as well as provide high resolution images for additional use. Knowing the way in which the images will be used is important because I base how I shoot and process the images with the finished result in mind.

Expect an Effortless Experience and Comfortable Atmosphere

Prior to your shoot, we will go over what you're looking for and your goal for use of the images to determine the style shoot and format. For example, if your images need to go on a company website, I will look at the site to make sure to stay within the color palette and style and match my images to the design.

I will then forward you my digital brochure with the different session packages and price options along with useful tips and tricks to follow when preparing for your photoshoot.

After you’ve chosen the session collection/package you would like, we can discuss location and select a date for the session to take place. I offer studio headshots at my commercial photography studio in downtown historic Cameron, NC, as well as headshots on location, outdoors at a local park, downtown Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen, Vass, etc. or at your actual workplace.

I customize my photo sessions to best fit the needs of my clients and love to think outside of the box. Nothing is outside of scope of possible, so if you have an idea, I’m all about exploring our options to make your vision become a reality!

If you want to take a look at more of my professional headshot sessions, you can find more blogs here or check out my headshots portfolio.

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